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E-BOOSTER is an innovative product, consisting of fatty acids, amino acids and
performance-enhancing substances. During its flight, the pigeon has to rely
on its energy reserve and it is essential that it can store extra energy beforehand.

E-BOOSTER was developed for this purpose and should be administered
three days before the flight. Thanks to E-BOOST, the pigeon will fly longer
without having to use its energy reserve, it will perform better and recover

E-BOOSTER contains tiredness-reducing ingredients which enhance
the oxygen absorption in the muscles. E-BOOSTER is a real energy booster for
your pigeons.

USE: E-BOOST 20 g (2 spoons) a kg food, 1-2 times 3 days before the race on
middle and speed races, 2 last days of basketting for long distance races. (Food
moister with oil or HYP 100.)

Recommended for

  • Sprint
  • Middle Distance
  • Long Distance