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For more energy, a better immune system and healthy intestinal and crop flora!

Do you want your pigeons to have a better immunity against viruses and bacteria? L-Force boosts resistance, digestion and vitality. 

L-Force is a natural anti-oxidant liquid nutrition supplement obtained by a combination of wheat fermentation and a fermentation process under controlled conditions with plant-based cultivated lactic acid bacteria. These lactic acid bacteria convert sugars into lactic acid and have a positive effect on the pigeons' intestines. 

The lactic acid creates an acidic environment in the intestine, which prevents the possible growth of harmful bacteria. The products obtained by the fermentation process are carbohydrate-splitting enzymes, minerals and vitamins K and B12.

The regular use of this food supplement leads to:

  • better overall vitality and strengthening of the immune system
  • better food digestion
  • simulation of the intestinal and crop flora. 

The Pigeon HP L-Force is a natural unfiltered product made from carefully selected raw materials. 

Instructions for use

  • L-Force is an unfiltered product, so shake before use!
  • Preferably store in a cool place. May be kept at room temperature. 


  • For 20 pigeons: for two weeks, sprinkle L-Force daily in drinking water or on the food. 
  • 10 ml L-Force per litre of water or 10 ml L-Force per per kg of feed. 
  • After a course of treatment, you can switch to administration every two days. 
  • For young pigeons, it is best to administer this daily for a boost. Especially during and after stressful situations.